Surya’s Results Based Climate Financing appears as a breakthrough paper in prestigious Nature Climate Change Journal

Linking rural women in India and Nigeria to the global carbon market

Project Surya is ready to scale up to one million homes and help create a Black Carbon Hole

A sustainable market based approach using the internet of things

Climate Credit Pilot Project Launches 5,000 stoves with McQuown donation

C2P2 website

Project Surya making a bold entry towards the Voluntary Carbon Credit Market

Team of cook stove suppliers, solar lamp manufacturers, NGOs, Rural Bank and academics is pioneering a new approach for getting climate credit directly to women using the renewable technologies. "A cooking stove improves lives in Kenya"

"On the outskirts of Nairobi in Kenya, an elderly woman forages in the Ngong Forest for fallen branches. In a small village in Karachuonyo, in Kenya’s Nyanza province, a mother prepares a meal for her family in a smoke-filled kitchen. With her eyes bloodshot and watery she coughs as she helplessly waves off the acrid smoke from the cooking stove. In Kawangware, one of Nairobi’s diverse neighborhoods, a student has not finished her homework, but knows that she needs to turn off the kerosene lamp or risk using more than the week’s share of light." Read More


PBS Newshour: In India, Battling Global Warming One Stove at a Time Click to watch

"Breathe Easy," A Film on Clean Cookstoves Click to watch

Professor Ramanathan talks with His Holiness, the Dalai Lama about Project Surya Click to watch

A Dark Cloud on Top of the World Click to watch

You Can Help

You can directly aid Project Surya expand into new homes. Your $70 donation will provide a household with a clean cookstove. At $30, your donation will provide a solar light.

Please make checks payable to "UC Regents" with a memo of "Project Surya."

Mail to:

Project Surya Office
9500 Gilman Drive MC 0221
La Jolla, CA 92093

Pilot Phase Completed!

Project Surya TERI Featurette Project Surya Papers from Pilot Phase


Surya Briefing for Federal agencies on June 14th in Washington, DC.

Surya Progress and Findings Sheet
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